1. What Program(s) did you use?
- TOONBOOM Storyboard Pro
- Adobe Photoshop CS6
2. What was this for?
-This was for my final project in Storyboarding class. We had to create a music video for a song that has no official music video to it. I loved working on this as much as I could.
3. Why is the video laggy/video is behind?
-Yes, there was probably rendering issues while making this video, hopefully when I have the chance I'll try to fix it. The render time for this was 4+ hours, so I don't know if something went wrong while it was rendering.
4. Is this an animation or a storyboard?
-It's a bit of both, it's an animatic!
This is a jpg of how high quality it's supposed to be when rendered!
There is another storyboard that I have made, but it's 10 minutes long.
"Mr. Pig, Borton, and the Wolves"

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